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Duncan Henderson

If YOU are facing criminal, sex, assault or drug charges


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Inverness Legal Services specialises in criminal law. It is never too early to seek advice. I am always willing to discuss matters at an early stage as this often avoids problems later.

I assist in cases from the first contact of the client with the police (including any visits needed in the police station) through to trials and if necessary sentencing or appeals. The following list is not exhaustive but my services include:

  • Visits to the police station
  • Attendance at police interviews or identification parades
  • Attending for PACE interviews (for members of HM Forces)
  • Advice on cases under police investigation
  • Advice on legal aid
  • Representation in criminal court cases
  • Appeals (if required)
  • Road Traffic Offences
  • Sexual Offences
  • Computer Crime (including pornography)
  • Assault, Breach of the Peace or any offence of violence or public disorder
  • Theft, fraud, embezzlement or any cases of dishonesty
  • Statutory Offences
  • Duty Solicitor for Inverness Sheriff and JP Courts